OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy Launches New HIPAA-Secure Online Portal

OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy, an independently-owned specialty pharmacy dedicated to delivering excellence and value in healthcare, recently released a new HIPAA-secure online portal that will streamline communication, increase transparency, and demonstrate value to key stakeholders, including physicians’ offices, health insurance companies, drug manufacturers and more.

The portal enhances communication with prescribers by providing 24/7 access to patient referral statuses and allowing office staff to send and receive electronic notes to and from the pharmacy. Additionally, providers and their staff can access clinical information and patient outcomes assessments in real-time as well as run a variety of reports on their patient data.

Health insurance companies will also have the ability to utilize the portal to run and view an assortment of dynamic reports, increasing transparency and improving access to detailed and timely information about their covered patients. The reporting dashboard gives payers access to statistics on prescribing patterns, patient outcomes, drug utilization and dispensing trends, and quality metrics.

Similarly, drug manufacturers will be granted “anytime” access to de-identified data on their products, and will have the ability to review prescribing patterns and trends, market share analyses, REMS compliance, and prescription dispensing metrics. Reporting content and frequency can be customized to meet the needs of drug or manufacturer-specific programs, and the portal will eliminate the need for data aggregators.

“We are excited about the ways this new technology will increase transparency, streamline communications, and provide our partners access to critical and timely information,” said Andrew Reeves, CEO of OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy. “This timely access to the right data is of great value to our collaborating partners throughout the industry.”  

For more information about the new online portal, call 877-385-0535 or visit www.optimedspecialtyrx.com.

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