OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy and Captify Health Launch Innovative Patient Management Solution to Reduce Healthcare Costs After Surgery

With approximately 30 million operations being performed annually in the United States, OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy, dedicated to delivering excellence and value in healthcare, and Captify Health, a provider of patient educatOptiMed-SpecialtyPhamacy-2Cion and adherence services, have teamed together to launch a new, revolutionary patient program that aims to lessen complications, improve outcomes and reduce hospitalization costs after surgery.

The program offers patients and providers peace of mind both before and after surgery by simplifying and streamlining the medication management and education process. It accomplishes this by supplying medication and patient education in smaller, more manageable pieces that are timely, convenient and easier for patients to follow. It also encourages patient engagement by empowering them to participate in their own recovery. Results from initial studies show that patients are better prepared and educated the day of surgery, better understand what medication to take and when, recover faster, and have a better overall patient experience.  

This pro-active, innovative program is in direct response to a rapidly evolving healthcare industCHry striving to individualize medical care, improve patient outcomes and lower health care costs. This movement, known as Early Recovery Protocol (ERP), finds ways to better control pain, reduce patient stress before/after surgery, increase patient mobility post-surgery, and reduce mortality and length of hospital stays.

Several major healthcare institutions have signed up for this program due to its ability to lower the risk of hospital re-admission, decrease the chance for medication confusion, reduce stress on patients and caregivers, and help lessen the financial burden on healthcare systems.  

This evidence-based program is part of OptiMed’s and Captify Health’s mission to offer value-based cost savings by demonstrating improvement in measureable outcomes to the healthcare industry while serving as innovative leaders in disease management and individualized care.

For more information about how the patient program works, or to set one up in your own institution, contact OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy at 877-385-0535 or visit www.captifyhealth.com.

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