OptiMed Pharmacy Proud of URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

In October 2015, OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy received full Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation from URAC, a healthcare accrediting organization based out of Washington D.C, that assesses quality standards for the healthcare industry. URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation provides a symbol of excellence for organizations to showcase their commitment to quality and accountability.

“This accreditation validates our mission of providing excellence in quality and patient management,” says OptiMed founder and CEO Andrew Reeves. “This allows us to better help healthcare providers and payers across the country optimize patient outcomes through exceptional care.”

OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy provides patients with specialty medications along with customized patient education, access to financial assistance, and ongoing monitoring and support. These services are delivered by Clinical Pharmacists with advanced training, Licensed Certified Pharmacy Technicians, and critical patient-support service personnel. The pharmacy is best-in-class for chronic or rare specialty diseases such as Crohn’s disease, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy also holds specialty pharmacy accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and is licensed to provide services to patients in 47 states.

“We applaud OptiMed Pharmacy on achieving URAC full Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation,” said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. “In today’s healthcare market, URAC accreditation provides a mark of distinction for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality healthcare.”

URAC promotes a high standard of pharmacy quality and patient care through the standardization of processes and a drive for continuous quality improvement. Accreditation reinforces best clinical and organizational practices for ensuring appropriate and safe medication use and optimal patient outcomes. Evidence of therapy counseling, disease education, care coordination, comprehensive patient education, and adherence management are critical for assuring successful patient medication therapy management and safety – and all are standards validated by URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation.

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